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Syosset Chiropractor Helps You Heal

Dr. Thomas J. Finn Welcomes You!

Are you looking for a form of health care that works for everyone?

Syosset Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas J. Finn gives all ages hope for a higher quality of life, no matter what condition you may have. We are not just limited to people seeking pain relief but offer help for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Finn is ready to listen to your needs and make a customized plan to help you achieve your individual goals!

Relieving Pain and Finding Wellness

You may seek our help initially because you are in pain. We will start relieving your discomfort right away on the first visit. After that, Dr. Finn will continue guiding you to better health through a combination of our available services:

Athletes of all levels and ages benefit from Dr. Finn’s extensive experience helping with sports injuries and improving athletic performance. With a certification from Nike and Titleist Performance Institute, our unique insight on sports can help children and adults alike!

A Comprehensive Look at Health

We take our time to listen to your needs, making sure your body gets what
it needs to work at its highest levels. Your treatment will be determined
by what your particular needs are. No two patients are alike, and your
treatment is tailored to you.

We are happy to work with your other doctors to give you the best health
care possible. When necessary, Dr. Finn can refer you out to his network
of specialists so that you get the help you need.

Enjoy a better quality of life with safe and effective chiropractic care.
Contact us today to schedule your time!

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